Joseph Frank Smith, 45, agreed to a highly publicized chemical castration as part of hisprobation. Years after that castration he has pleaded guilty to new sex crimes and he is beinginvestigated in connection with up to 75 more. Smith was dubbed the Ski Mask Rapist when he wasconvicted of raping the same woman twice in Texas in 1983. Smith appeared on television's 60Minutes in 1984 as a success story for chemical castration. He commuted to Johns HopkinsUniversity Hospital in Baltimore for treatments. But now it is believed that he is responsible foras many as 75 more sex-related crimes since 1987. He has been charged and convicted in two cases.On Wednesday, he was convicted of breaking and entering, aggravated sexual battery, and two countsof attempted oral and anal sodomy in a 1993 attack, ten years after his original conviction. Hefaces up to 60 years in prison and a $200,000 fine.