WAKE UP – YOU’RE BUSTED! (Cops nab perv napping in gal pal’s bed)

Obie Malachi, a 24 year old man convicted of sexually abusing a 12 year old girl, was busted on a probation violation last week as he slept in his girlfriend's bed in the Bronx.  He now faces probation violation charges in new York and felony drug warrants filed against him in Delaware while he was on the lam.  He was a Level 3 sex offender, said Jack Ryan, spokesman for the city's Probation Department.  They're too dangerous to be on probation in the first place.  They're the worst of the worst.  Malachi was convicted in 2001 of sex abuse and sentenced to six months in prison and three years' probation.  The suspected gang member failed to check in with his probation officers and also didn't notify authorities of his address change, which is required under state law for registered sex offenders.  

(New York)