Associated Press/Rex W. Huppke

LaDonna Tucker, a 40-year-old woman who operates a day care center out of her home, was accusedof molesting little children in her care and offering them to her boyfriend sexually for $200. Shewas arrested after the boyfriend tipped police and let officers tape his phone conversations withher. According to court papers, she talked about performing oral sex on both male and femalechildren. She also suggested that the boyfriend, Melvin Ridings, 41, could perform sex acts on anychild he desired if he were to arrive bearing gifts. The eleven children, all age two or younger,were being examined for signs of sexual abuse. According to the Associated Press, on Tuesday,wearing a wire and a small video camera, Ridings went to Tucker's home where she allegedly accepted$200 and recommended two particular children of the eight she was watching that day. Police thenintervened and arrested her. She faced preliminary charges of conspiracy to commit childmolestation and promoting prostitution.