Isidro Garcia, 41, of Bell Gardens, California, was arrested in Santa Ana, California forallegedly kidnapping a 15 year old girl in Santa Ana in 2004, then repeatedly physically andsexually assaulted her over the course of 10 years.  He was booked for kidnap for rape, andlewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment.  The contacted police and told them she washeld against her will for years, sexually assaulted repeatedly and had a child with hercaptor.  Garcia was dating the girl's mother and lived with the family.  The mothersuspected that he was sexually abusing her daughter.  In June 2004, Garcia assaulted themother, drugged the girl, then fled with her to a house in Compton, locking her in a garage. He provided the girl with false identification and used physical and emotional abuse to prevent herfrom fleeing.  He repeatedly told the girl that her family had stopped searching for her andthat they would be deported if she tried to leave.  They also moved frequently to avoid beingfound.  Garcia forced her into marriage in 2007 and they had a child 2012.  He securedtwo jobs for them on a night cleaning crew so he could keep watch over her.  The woman, now25, came forward to police after finding her sister on Facebook and told her story toofficers. 
(Santa Ana, California)