Sex Offender Registration Tips (SORT)

Sex Offender Registration Tips (SORT)

The Sex Offender Registration Tips (SORT) is designed to provide individuals an opportunity to report sex offenders who may be failing to comply with registration laws,employment or residency restriction laws, possible violations or probation or parole or offenders in positions of trust with children. After your report is received ,we may need to contact you for further information so you must provide an email address. If information provided can be confirmed,we will forward your complaint to the appropriate agency for follow-up.

If you believe that a person is in danger or has been the victim of a crime, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately

After completing this form you will receive an email confirming your report with an assigned case number. Contact our helpline at 1 (888) ASK-PFML if you have further questions regarding your report or if you would like to provide further information.

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