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Advocates of a bill allowing chemical castration of sexual predators in Nevada say it shouldhelp stop repeat attacks by the same rapist, but concede the plan leaves many questions unanswered.According to the Associated Press State Local Wire, AB56 would create a voluntary program, usingpsychotherapy and testosterone-reducing drugs such as Depo-Provera for first and second time,nonviolent molesters and rapists who are paroled. Don Molde, mental health director for theDepartment of Prisons, told the Assembly Judiciary Committee, I personally believe thatDepo-Provera and other chemicals have a place in treatment and management of sex offenders.Assemblywoman Merle Berman, R-Las Vegas, the bill's author, said the only offenders eligible forthe program would have to already be on parole and would not get any special treatment if theyvolunteered. There would be no reduction in maximum term, no reduction in time of probation and nospecial requests for people in the program. Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, said she'drather just lock the repeat offenders in jail for as long as possible and not worry about the drugtreatments. The person who I think is ideally suited for this program is the repeat offender. Andif they are convicted for the second time of a sexual offense, they should never be released fromprison. Period. Lawmakers also seemed uncomfortable with the cost, although psychotherapy would bepaid for by parolees who could afford it.