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Be aware that most sexual victimization happens with someone a child or an adult has an established and trusting relationship with. Use this information to be made aware of those offenders who are registered and open up a dialogue about prevention. Go to the prevention area of our website and learn specific skills you can use to protect yourself and your children from sexual abuse.



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Please be aware that information on registered sex offenders is available from our website and from individual state sex offender registries at no cost. However, the Sex Offender Email Alert Program and National Megan's Law Helpline Support Program 1 (888) ASK-PFML are additional services made available to ensure broad community notification, support the community to answer questions about notifications, educate you about responsible use of information and how to protect yourself and your children from sexual abuse. The suggested donation helps to fund the services we provide, which include: advocacy and referrals for child and adult victims of sexual abuse and other violent crimes; prevention education for children and adults; Megan's Law support including providing the community an opportunity to report sex offenders failing to register or working in positions of trust; counseling and referral services for children and adults; and policy and legislative support services.

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