Ali Williams, a 21 year old who abducted a 14 year old Brooklyn girl off the subway, raped heron a rooftop and held her captive until cops dialed her cell phone number, figured out where shewas, and rescued her. The victim's ordeal began just after 6 am when she boarded the Q train inConey Island on her way to Fort Hamilton HS in Bay Ridge. Williams forced her off the train atOcean Parkway, claiming he had a gun. He took her to the roof of 3110 Brighton 7th St., where heforcibly raped her. While she was being held prisoner, she got a call from a friend who feltsomething was wrong and called the girl's father. Williams took the girl to a diner at 2900Stillwell Ave and while waiting for fries, her father called her cell phone and became alarmedenough by the brief conversation that he jumped in his car and started speeding toward the diner.But before he could get there Williams left with the girl after becoming impatient and hailed alivery cab to take them to his apartment. Cops pulled the father over and that's when he told themthat his daughter was in trouble and that she had a cell phone. The cops immediately called thenumber and started asking her questions she could answer without betraying who was on the line.They were able to pinpoint her location and caught up with them. Williams was arrested and facesrape and unlawful imprisonment charges. The girls father, who lived through every dad's nightmaretold The Post about his frantic race through Brooklyn streets to rescue his daughter from theWilliams' clutches. The dad downplayed his heroics – and took no satisfaction in belting thesuspect when he tried to fight back. The heroic dad is a disabled former state correction officer,who volunteers as a child-abuse investigator.

(New York)