Daily Herald/Burt Constable

Douglas E. Day, a 44 year old paroled child molester, says of the concerned neighbors whocheered when police announced he had left their Gurnee subdivision, They'll hound me wherever Igo, I can move, but then sooner or later, they'll find out and run me out of town there, too. It'sjust going to start all over again. Day was on probation for molesting three young girls whenevidence of a fourth molestation wound up sending him to prison in 1997. He was labeled anindividual we considered to be very dangerous as a sexual predator, by Gurnee Police Chief RobertJones in a Daily Herald report. Day's parole terms require him to wear a monitor that alertsauthorities if he wanders more than 100 feet from a designated area. He says he now understands thehorrific damage his crimes caused and is seeking treatment and is not longer a threat to kids. Daysaid, I've got a 3 year old sons. I would be totally upset if it happened to him, I could gothrough life without ever looking at another child. I would do anything to have a normal life. Butthe question is, can a convicted child molester ever have a normal life?