MISCONDUCT CONCERNS (Diocesan official’s role in complaints eyed)

A 14 year old former altar boy told Pat McDonough, during a religious retreat, that the Rev. Joseph Mundy had confided how lonely he was, how difficult celibacy was, and how the two of them needed each other.  McDonough, then a religious educator, told Msgr. Alan Placa she believed Mundy was grooming the boy for sex and asked Placa what he would do about it.  McDonough believed the boy was about to kill himself because of the unrelenting attentions from Mundy when she met with Placa eight years ago.  She recalled Placa as saying, My job is to protect the bishop.  McDonough said, That's when I knew nothing would be done.  Now, even as a Suffolk grand jury probes possible obstruction of justice by top church officials, questions are being raised about Placa's performance in that job, as well as about his conduct 25 years ago when he taught high school boys aspiring to the priesthood.