NEW VOW OF SILENCE (Daily won’t name accused priests)

Bishop Thomas Daily stood his ground yesterday, reiterating that his Brooklyn diocese won't tell cops when its priests are accused of sexually molesting kids, but said he regretted his handling of a predatory cleric in Boston.  Daily is named in numerous lawsuits accusing the former Boston archdiocese official of covering up for a serial child-molesting priest in the 1980s.  In that situation, I acted in good conscience, with the knowledge gained from consultations.  But, in hindsight, I profoundly regret certain decisions, Daily wrote without identifying those decisions.

The following are excerpts from Bishop Daily's statement:

This is a time of trial, and all of us who are the members of this Body are suffering.  What seems like an unending series of reports from across the country, focusing on cases of priest abusers that were not addressed appropriately in the past, attests to the terrible actions that have been committed by a small number of clergy against the most vulnerable of our family of faith - the children whom we are committed to love, guide and protect.  

Such activity on the part of any priest is totally unacceptable and even one such instance is too many...

To experience a betrayal at the hand of a trusted priest is, indeed, painful and most difficult to endure...

In the 12 years that I have been your Bishop, when a member of the faithful has come forward to report improper sexual activity on the part of a member of the clergy, we have followed a carefully prepared policy that I believe is responsible, just and compassionate, protective of the rights of every person involved...

In our experience most persons who come forward desire to speak to my delegates in an atmosphere of confidentiality, seeking privacy, while nevertheless asking that the allegations they are making be addressed by the Diocese.

We respect their request for privacy, and we address the matter most seriously.

(New York)