PERVY POLICE PROBE (Cop’s supervisors eyed)

Michael Lapine, a veteran NYPD detective, who was armed and on duty, was caught with his badge down yesterday when the 14 year old boy he lured over the Internet for a sex date turned out to be Westchester cops.  A day after helping Westchester County official nab Lapine, NYPD Internal Affairs investigators set their sights on his bosses.  Lapine is accused of using a police computer on department time for explicit sex talk with an assumed minor.  Investigators said he went to meet his chat buddy when he was supposed to be on the job in his Brooklyn district, a clear breakdown of command.  Officials said the probe could result in at least a reprimand and maybe a suspension or transfer for some higher-ups.  Lapine is charged with attempted dissemination of indecent material to a minor, a felony that could carry four years in prison.  He was released after posting the $50,000 bail.  The detective appeared in court yesterday with his wife.

(New York)