Yesterday, just after midnight, an unidentified man with a gun approached a 16 year old girl who was walking with her 17 year old male cousin on 116th Avenue and 144th Street in Jamaica and allegedly raped the girl after abducting her and driving her to an unknown location.

The man, in his late 30s, stole $11 from the cousin and a gold chain from the girl's neck. He then ordered the cousin to leave and drove the girl in a navy colored car to an unknown location where she was raped. The suspect eventually let the girl out of the car and drove away. He is described as 5'6 and 190 pounds. Her cousin told The Post the man ran up behind them with a gun and told him to get down on the ground and empty his pockets. He told the girl to stand still against the wall. He told me to go across the street and run up the block or he would kill us both, the cousin said. So as I'm running away, he tells me, 'Don't tell anybody or I'll kill you.' He said he ran to his home where his aunt called cops.

(New York)