Ten Rockland County men and one minor were arrested of child pornography charges over thepast few weeks.  Six of the 10 men are from Suffern, including a 22 year old man who wasconvicted of child pornography last year.  Damian Champagne, was forced to register as a sexoffender after his March 2011 conviction for possessing an obscene sexual performance by a childless than 17 years old.  He served six months in county jail and was to remain on probationfor 10 years.  He was prohibited from using computers or accessing the Internet as part of theterms of his probation. 
Police arrested:
- Jon Koenigheit, 41, Suffern
- Michael Schranz, 30, Suffern
- Wesley Didrichsen, 23, Suffern
- Jacob Filous, 67, Suffern
- Mitchell Newman, 46, Suffern
- Damian Champagne, 22, Suffern
- Donald Carpenter, 57, Stony Point
- Silvio Mazzella, 45, Stony Point
- Neil Tesher, 68, Spring Valley
- Linton Wright II, 23, Spring Valley
Police did not name the minor or the suspect's age.  All 11 suspects were charged withpromoting an obscene performance by a child, a felony.  If convicted, the suspects would berequired to register as sex offenders.  Some were charged with multiple counts.