November 14, 2019
Michael Locklear

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — The Salt Lake City Police Department recently arrested 21 sex offenders who were out of compliance with court orders and registry requirements. Many hadn’t updated their address.
Officers conducted 83 compliance checks — verifying current vehicles, state-issued IDs and other information are on file — and 59 residence checks over the past few months.
“In this case, we wanted to go out and double check and make sure that we’re finding everyone who’s not compliant,” said Det. Michael Ruff, “and make sure they’re following the rules that were set forth by a judge when they were put on that registry.”
You can access Utah’s sex offender registry through this website to look up specific people or everyone who lives in a particular area.
The additional enforcement, made possible by a grant that funded overtime shifts for officers, happened from late June to late September.
“The vast majority of the time, it’s two officers going out to a residence, to a location that we know this offender is supposed to be at, and verifying that they truly are living there,” Ruff said.
The agency also has a full-time detective who oversees monitoring of sex offenders, who are required to check in twice a year.

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