November 11, 2019
Lee Brown

The Tinder date accused of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane had nearly suffocated another woman during sex — and she only survived by playing dead, according to testimony.
The woman says the 27-year-old New Zealand man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, left her unable to breathe as he suddenly sat on her in his room last November, according to The Sun.
“I was terrified. I thought, ‘This can’t be the way that I die,'” she told the Auckland High Court in New Zealand.
The woman, who is also not being identified for legal reasons, said she started performing a sex act on the man when he took her to his room — the same spot where Millane died a month later, the court heard.
He then sat on her as he pinned her arms down to stop her struggling.
“I couldn’t breathe,” she told the court. “He had grabbed my arms too, I couldn’t move them. I started kicking to indicate I couldn’t breathe. He just sat there, he didn’t move at all.”
She decided to “lie completely still” and play dead, she told the court.
“My arms were flopping. I acted like I passed out and he still didn’t get off,” she said. “There were so many thoughts running through my mind.”
When he finally let her free, he insisted he had not tried to suffocate her on purpose, according to The Guardian.
“I was just in disbelief and shock,” she testified, saying she continued messaging him after the date because she was “scared” to just cut him off, according to the report.
The woman said she declined a follow-up date on Dec. 1 — the day the accused man first met Millane. He has claimed the 21-year-old victim died accidentally when they engaged in consensual “rough sex.”
The trial is expected to extend until early next month.


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