Jimmy Doyle, a 48 year old riding coach, is being defended by Mayor Bloomberg's ex-wife as a wonderful trainer who's popular in horsy circles, despite charges he sexually abused a teenage girl.  Doyle, of North Castle, in posh Westchester County, had been schooling Bloomberg's daughter Georgina, now 21, for almost a year.  He was arrested April 15, 2003, and charged with sexually abusing a 14 year old Greenwich, Connecticut girl.  Believe, disbelieve - I'm not some sort of God, she said.  All I know is what I see.  I see a terrific, decent, honest guy who I'm very pleased is our trainer.  But I cannot comment on this case.  She wouldn't say whether she put up the money for the $50,000 bond.  Three of the five counts against Doyle could put him behind bars for up to a year each.  He is charged with sexual abuse, meaning he touched intimate parts of her body or made her touch him, but didn't have sex with her.  

With Georgina in court to provide moral support, Doyle took the stand yesterday to deny the charges.  

(New York)