New York Post/Alisha Berger

A 13 year old girl walking home alone from school on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn was kidnapped andraped by three young men and a teenage girl in a van. The four youths tried to recruit the girl asa prostitute. They forced her inside the vehicle, demanding she work for them as a hooker. The girlrefused their demands and they drove off before several of them raped and assaulted her in thevehicle. The victim managed to escape and provided cops with details of the crime, leading to thearrests of Tyrell Averhart, 22, and Christina Pratt, 17. Two others were at large.

Averhart and Pratt was arraigned yesterday on charges of abducting the girl and viciouslysodomizing and raping her during the horrifying two-hour attack. They pleaded not guilty to rape,unlawful imprisonment, endangering the welfare of a child and other charges.

(New York)