An ex-convict has been charged with raping his 6 year old daughter, attacking her so viciously her injuries required surgery.  He was arraigned Wednesday on two counts of rape, two counts of committing a criminal sexual act and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.  According to court papers, the father raped his daughter and forced her to have oral sex on July 30 while the girl was visiting at his apartment in upper Manhattan.  The next day, he put the girl in a taxicab alone and sent her to his sister's home.  There, the girl complained of pain and bleeding - but didn't tell anyone what happened.  The aunt took the child to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, but the sexual nature of the injuries went unnoticed.  When the girl continued to complain of pain, her mother took her back to Columbia Presbyterian on August 2.  There, another doctor recognized the injuries were caused by a sexual assault.  The girl underwent surgery to repair vaginal tearing.  By that time, the girl explained what had happened to her and an arrest warrant was issued for her father Tuesday.  The father served a year in jail in 1993 on a weapons charge.  In 1994, a federal immigration judge issued a deportation order for him.  The father posted bond and fled.  He is being held without bail pending a court hearing Monday.

(New York)