BUS KIDS’ PERV PERIL (Sickos on way to school)

New York Post/Eric Lenkowitz

As the city's school-bus shake-up goes into its second week, many children find themselveswaiting at bus stops alongside perverts and walking through areas riddled with sex offenders. Theschools tell parents, Let your child ride the bus by themselves.

Lurking nearby are:

- Rapist Gregory Richardson and his Franklin Avenue neighbor, sex abuse Dennis Warring.

Near a transfer point is:

- Victor Rivera, who was jailed for trying to sodomize a 14 year old.

- Kareem Price, who lives a block from the bus route on Fulton Avenue and was jailed formolesting a 9 year old.

- Daniel Taylor, a Washington Avenue resident who lives a block from Third Avenue and wasconvicted of sexually abusing a 14 year old.

- Robert Davis, Taylor's neighbor who was locked up for trying to prostitute a 13 year old.

Near the Prospect Avenue transfer point:

- David Cappa, 39, Prospect Avenue, sexual abuse of 7 year old.

- Kenneth Topping, 62, Lyman Place, sexual abuse of 8 year old.

- Kevin Barr, a Bristow Street resident who was locked up for sexual conduct with a 7 yearold.

- Joel Walker, who lives on Prospect Avenue and did time for unlawfully imprisoning twoyoungsters.

(New York)