Newsday/Chau Lam
Aaron Kozlowski, a 31 year old gym teacher, was accused by students of watching pornographyin his office while fondling himself.  One of the four students recanted, and two others haverefused to cooperate with authorities.  With no evidence to corroborate the boys' stories, thecase against the North Shore Middle School gym teacher has collapsed.  Nassau District CourtJudge Valerie Alexander threw out four child endangerment charges, including the one based onallegations made by the fourth boy, who still says the story is true. 
The case began early this year, when the boys, ages 12 and 13, told their guidance counselorthat on February 8 they saw Kozlowski sitting in front of his computer watching two naked menengaging in sex and stimulating himself.  The 12 year old boy who stood by his story said hewas looking through the window of Kozlowski's office door, while his friends saw the teacherthrough the partially opened door.  The boys didn't tell anyone for a month for fear ofreprisal and because they didn't want him to lose his job.  Then, during a March 7 gym class,the 12 year old boy said Kozlowski told him the way you are doing your push-ups are very sexual,then touched his chest with his hand instead of using a cone as he did with other students. The boy told his friends and on March 11, they decided to go to the guidance counselor. 
(New York)