COPS, DOGS NAB SERIAL RAPE SUSPECT (Arrested Just Hours After Attack on Woman)

Cesar Enrique Ronquillo, 26, was arrested at his home on kidnapping charges just hours after the most recent attack.  Los Angeles County sheriff's officers were led to Ronquillo's home by bloodhounds early this week.  The alleged paramount Rapist, is suspected in attacks on four teenage girls and a 22 year old woman during a month long sexual assault spree. authorities said.  Sheriff's department spokesman Deputy Boris Nikolof said, In each of the incidents, he would kidnap someone who was walking alone, then take her to another location and rape her, then he would bring her back to the area where he found her.  Ronquillo has been charged with kidnapping, pending an arraignment hearing at which bail will be set  and more charges could be filed.

(Downey, California)