Michael Chartrand, 36, of St. Cloud, Florida, went on trial in August on charges that he molested a 13 year old girl in February while clad as Tigger at the Walt Disney park. Walt Disney World demanded that the Tigger outfit worn by the employee when he allegedly molested the girl be altered for the trial. Disney wanted the suspect's costume dyed black or white and its ears removed. They wanted to take off everything that would make it look like Tigger.

The victim said that while she was having her picture taken she felt the character his hand on her breast and began to massage the breast, according to the criminal complaint.

Chartrand was acquitted of the charges and returned to work.  

He got into trouble again, this time while playing Goofy.  He was suspended from his job after two photographers claimed Goofy walked up to them in the park's Animal Kingdom and shoved them in the chest.  Chartrand's lawyer insisted last night that his client was merely goofing around because he was Goofy - Goofy is always playful.