March 2, 2021
Jim Walsh
Courier Post

WOODBURY - A Gloucester County man with a record of sex crimes against children is facing new charges of misconduct with a minor.

Scott Bicking, 54, of Paulsboro is accused of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child after an investigation by prosecutor's offices in Cumberland and Gloucester counties, those agencies say.

Bicking was on probation for a sex crime at the time of the latest alleged offenses, court records show.

The current charges arise from the alleged sexual assault of a boy under age 13 in Vineland and Woodbury, according to the prosecutor's offices.

Bicking allegedly targeted the youth on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day at the Vineland home of the boy's grandparents, according to a probable cause statement for his arrest.
It alleges Bicking touched the boy's genitals "over his clothing and under his clothing."

"The sexual assault initially began last year in Woodbury," according to a separate statement in support of charges brought by Gloucester County authorities.

The grandparents said they did not see the alleged incidents in their Vineland home, but "they provided an account of the night and day similar to the one provided by the victim," the statement says.

Bicking faced similar allegations in 2013, when he was charged with numerous crimes against children at a Newark, Delaware, ice rink and pro shop.

He pleaded no contest in 2015 to three counts of unlawful sexual contact and told a Delaware judge "I'm a good man" before receiving a 4½-year prison term.

Bicking was charged in 2018 with improperly touching a 16-year-old boy, also in 2013, when he was the co-owner of the pro shop at Hollydell, an ice hockey and figure skating rink in Washington Township.

He admitted guilt in 2020 to criminal sexual contact and received a five-year probationary term.

The latest charges followed a joint investigation by the prosecutor's offices in Cumberland County and Gloucester County.

Gloucester County authorities announced their charges Monday, while Cumberland County investigators arrested Bicking on Jan. 25.

He's been held since his arrest in Cumberland County Jail.

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