November 5 2019
Jonathan Zweygardt
Hays Post

A 26-year-old Hays man was sentenced to more than five years in prison Monday for having sex with a 14-year-old.
Robert Sanetta was originally charged with two counts of indent liberties with a child and one count of criminal sodomy for engaging in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old in 2018.
As the result of a plea agreement, Sanetta pleaded no contest in September to the two felony counts of indent liberties and the criminal sodomy charged was dismissed.
Under the agreement, Sanetta was expected to be sentenced to probation Monday in Ellis County District Court, but Chief Judge Glenn Braun sentenced Sanetta to 64 months in prison.
The victim and her mother addressed the court before Braun issued his sentence. They both said they thought of Sanetta as a member of their family. Sanetta also said he felt like he was a part of their family but claimed that not all of the facts were brought to light in court.
His lawyer claimed the same thing, saying there was a lack of parental supervision.
Braun said he understood the reason County Attorney Tom Drees agreed to probation in the case. But he noted he did not see any mitigating factors, pointing out a 14-year-old cannot enter into a consensual sexual relationship, especially with someone who was 11 years older than her at the time.
Braun said probation was not in the best interest in this case and sentenced Sanetta to prison.
Sanetta will be subject to 24 months post-release supervision and must register and a sex offender for 25 years.


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