‘INNOCENCE LOST’ STING (Sixteen-City Sweep Marks 5th Anniversary)


Today the FBI announced the results of an unprecedented five-day nationwide sweep targetingcriminals involved in trafficking children for prostitution in the United States.  The stings,dubbed Operation Cross Country, spanned 16 cities and resulted in the arrest of 389 people andthe recovery of 21 children. 
- In Kansas, Don L. Elbert, III forced three underage sisters - two of whom were 14 year oldtwins - into prostitution.  He was captured and pled guilty to child sex trafficking in Mary2007.  In January, he was sentenced to eight years in prison.
- In Detroit, Keith Goodwin was sentenced last October to 97 months in prison for theproduction of child pornography.  During a search of his residence, three child victims ofprostitution were recovered.
- In Atlantic City, a former U.S. Postal Service employee was sentenced in March to 23 yearsin prison for operating a criminal enterprise involving 35-40 females whom he forced intoprostitution.  His youngest victim was 14 years old.