JANITOR: COPS PLAYED DIRTY IN RAPE CASE (Falsely accused man rips confession ploy)

Francis Evelyn, a 58 year old Brooklyn school janitor, accused cops yesterday of faking a DNA test in an effort to bully him into confessing to raping an 8 year old girl.  Evelyn said detectives confronted him with a phony DNA chart that they claimed proved he assaulted the girl.  Even though he proclaimed his innocence, cops pressured him to admit to the rape at Public School 91 in Wingate.  The girl first accused a fellow student of raping her, then claimed Evelyn had violated her.  In between, her mother said her father may also have sexually assaulted her.  A day after the girl accused Evelyn of assaulting her in a school bathroom, he was released from jail.  The district attorney's office made the decision after interviewing the girl and her mother all day.  

(New York)