June 15, 2020
Sawyer D’Argonne
Summit Daily

BRECKENRIDGE–– Craig Sikorsky pleaded guilty to a felony charge of attempted sexual assault on a child during a hearing at the Summit County Justice Center on Monday morning.

The case represents Sikorsky’s second known offense surrounding child sex assaults in the area.

Sikorsky, who owns Jersey Boys Pizza and Deli in Dillon, was arrested in July last year after an investigation by local law enforcement revealed he sexually assaulted a child in Summit County.

The month prior, deputies with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call in which a man said his child had been molested by Sikorsky. The father and his child agreed to a sex assault nurse examination at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, along with a forensic interview at the Treetop Child Advocacy Center.

An arrest warrant went out July 15, and Sikorsky was arrested later that day on felony charges of sexual assault on a child and enticement of a child, along with a misdemeanor count of unlawful sexual contact. In January, Sikorsky pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a child, a class 4 felony. He faces up to 12 years in prison on the charge.

After news of the conviction was reported, others individuals began reaching out to the Summit Daily News and District Attorney’s office accusing Sikorsky of other incidences of improper conduct.In March, while Sikorsky awaited his sentencing hearing on the case, the 5th Judicial District attorney’s office brought new charges against him alleging other instances of sexual behavior with multiple children in the area as far back as the late 1990s. Despite the timeline of the second charge, Chief Judge Mark Thompson noted that the statute of limitations on the case hadn’t expired because of time Sikorsky spent out of state.

On Monday, Sikorsky appeared in court via a livestream from the Summit County Jail and pleaded guilty to one charge of attempted sexual assault on a child, a class 5 felony. The conviction carries a presumptive sentence of between one and three years in the Department of Corrections but could end up being anywhere from six months to six years depending on mitigating and aggravating factors. He’ll also be registered as a sex offender in both cases.

Thompson is expected to sentence Sikorsky in both cases July 27.

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