Laura Ahearn, a social worker who has dealt professionally with victims of sexual abuse set out to write an article for a national publication for social workers about the law and its enforcement.  She discovered weaknesses in the law and saw that it was not being properly enforced.  Through her hard work and persistence, the state sex offender notification act, Megan's Law, was strengthened and now being properly enforced in Suffolk County and across the state.  State Assemblyman Steve Englebright calls her a powerhouse.  He has worked with her by sponsoring the legislation that brought changes in the law.  Assistant deputy to County Executive Robert Gaffney calls her a human dynamo.  Ahearn founded Parents for Megan's Law.  The specific purpose of this non-profit organization is to bring about a comprehensive application of the law.  Ahearn worked very closely with the Three Village school district in developing its own notification policy.  Superintendent of schools, John Sonedecker said, her help in putting the sex offender notification policy in place was very much appreciated and it now serves as a model for other districts.