MAN ACCUSED OF SEX CRIME WITH STUDENT AT PELION MIDDLE SCHOOL. A school employee a found the suspect and a female student in a restroom, deputies say.

May 25, 2021

PELION, S.C. — A temporary employee is being accused of a sex crime involving a student at a Lexington County middle school.
Juston Deon Smith, 21, is charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor, according to Lexington County deputies.
Officers say Smith was a temporary employee working for a contracted janitorial service company and was sent to the school for work. Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said a school employee at Pelion Middle School found Smith and a female student in a restroom. Koon said Smith had a sexual encounter with the student.
Lexington School District One said their administration then notified law enforcement. They also contacted his employer and asked that he not be allowed to return, which they say is standard operating procedure.
Major crimes detectives responded to the school and separately interviewed Smith, the victim, and a witness, according to Koon.
Lexington One said they're investigating the allegation and have been working closely with law enforcement officials.
“We take this very seriously,” Pelion Middle School Principal Kailanya Brailey said in a statement. “It is unacceptable for anyone to come into our school and hurt a child entrusted to our care. The fact that this is an ongoing police investigation limits what we can say about it at this time. However, I must say that our school has some of the best teachers and employees you will find anywhere. This individual is not one of our employees and does not represent who we are.”

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