Sacramento-based California Parole Apprehension Team, in which five
teams were created this year in different parts of California and five
more will start in January.  The teams are designed to apprehend
parolees who have become fugitives or are otherwise violating terms of
their release.  Michael Harden who was arrested for letting the battery
in his GPS ankle bracelet run low, making it difficult to track the
movements of the paroled child molester was one of more than 397
paroled sex offenders swept up throughout California this week by the
recently formed law enforcement teams, which were created partly as a
response to agents fumbling their attempt to monitor paroled sex
offender Phillip Garrido.  Garrido is charged with kidnapping an 11
year old girl, Jaycee Lee Dugard, and hiding her from parole agents for
18 years in a fenced-off area in the backyard of his Antioch home,
where she bore two of his children.