Robert Gorghan, a convicted rapist, married the mother of the girl he sexually assaulted, in the same courthouse where, minutes earlier, he was sentenced to 25 years behind bars.  He was convicted of sexually abusing, forcibly raping and sodomizing his new wife's daughter for 13 years, starting when the girl was just 8.  The victim said that he raped her for the last time when she was 21 in a forcible attack.  She didn't disclose the abuse until 1999.  James Canfield, the upstate judge who allowed the rapist to marry his victim's mother said that he weds scores of convicts each year to help them avoid gay experiences behind bars.  He said he plays matchmaker so prisoners can have conjugal visits.  When told critics called the weddings wrong, Canfield snapped: So we should turn them into homosexuals?  The courts ruled that to be cruel and unusual punishment, no offense to the homosexuals.

(Albany, New York)