RAPPER SOULJA BOY’S FORMER FEMALE ASSISTANT ACCUSES HIM OF SEXUAL ASSAULT, HOLDING HER HOSTAGE IN LAWSUIT. The Jane Doe claims the performer would repeatedly “kick, punch and body slam’ her

January 22, 2021
Melissa Roberto
Fox News

A woman who formerly worked as Soulja Boy's personal assistant has filed a lawsuit against the rapper alleging sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment and more took place during her employment.

The woman -- who goes by "Jane Doe" in court papers obtained by Fox News -- claims the 30-year-old hip hop artist raped, beat and held her hostage in addition to failing to pay her for 18 months of work.

The woman alleges that she began working for the rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, in December 2018. She says she was responsible for cooking, cleaning, driving and styling the performer with a pay rate of $500 a week.

Weeks into her employment, the Jane Doe claims the rapper began sending her "unsolicited pictures of his penis." A consensual relationship between the two ensued but she claims it turned violent in early 2019.

A rep for the rapper could not be reached by Fox News. His representative denied the allegations to TMZ, stating, "Soulja would never put his hands on a female. He wouldn't beat a woman or put his hands on a woman," and called the allegations "nonsense."

"These abusive acts began on or around January 23, 2019 and included: numerous instances of physical violence (kicking, throwing, and punching), sexual assaults, spitting on her body, and threats of physical violence and death," Jane Doe alleges in the court docs.

The woman alleges that the rapper once "pushed" her out of a vehicle, leaving her to walk approximately five miles. The following month, Jane Doe claims Way sexually assaulted her for the first time. After expressing "remorse," the artist allegedly gave her $1,000.

The Jane Doe alleges the rapper "would punch, kick and body slam" her. She also accused him of threatening her of bodily harm and once stating, "I should have killed you" after an encounter in April 2020.

"Over the course of this abusive relationship, Defendant Way punched Plaintiff directly in the head on at least ten separate occasions," the lawsuit alleges, adding that one time she was hit so hard she "lost consciousness."

Additionally, the plaintiff accuses the "Crank That" rapper of once locking her in a room "for approximately three days against her will with no hot water" after she attempted to quit.

The woman also claims to have been raped by the rapper on "numerous occasions." The plaintiff also claims that she was once "attacked" so aggressively in August of last year that she "thought she was going to die." She moved out of his home after, leaving her belongings.

The ex-assistant also stated that she is owed money for 18 months of pay.

The musician has a lengthy criminal record. According to reports, he has been arrested more than once for possessing a firearm. TMZ also reported that the rapper was arrested in early 2020 for assaulting an ex-girlfriend. The ex reported the assault to the police, who reportedly found him in violation of probation after raiding his home and finding guns.


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