In January 2004, Andrew Selva was indicted on a series of rapes involving oral and anal sex with two boys ages 5 and 12.  He had helped the boys' families come to America from Asia.  In a plea deal, Selva was allowed to plead guilty to two counts of sexual battery.  Ohio Judge John Connor labeled Selva a sexual predator, the most severe of the sexual offender categories.  Connor said, Mr. Selva does meet the criteria of a sexual predator.  According to Connor, the reason he bypassed jail and gave Selva house arrest is, He's (Selva) got a disease like I've got a disease.  I don't know what prison would have helped, except for revenge and revenge is not in the sentencing guidelines.  What disease the judge was referring to regarding himself isn't quite clear but he has been convicted twice for DUI and arrested for DUI up to eight times.  Terry Sherman, Selva's attorney, told Fox & Friends that Selva can be rehabilitated and cited expert testimony.  He continued to point out that Selva pleaded guilty to sexual battery, but would not deny that Selva had raped these young boys in the worst possible ways.