RESTRICTING SEX PREDATORS (Sex predators must not participate in Halloween activities)

The Long Island Advance

Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington (WF-Medford) announced New York state will once again becontinuing Operation Halloween: Zero Tolerance, a program that will keep sex offenders under strictsupervision and limit their activities on Halloween.  The statewide operation requires all sexoffender parolees remain in their homes beginning at 3 p.m. on Halloween, or immediately followingdismissal from work or other approved community program, until 6 a.m. the following morning. Parolees are banned from participating in all Halloween activities: they are prohibited fromwearing costumes, masks or disguises; and they may not answer their door or hand out candy. Parolees will be required to answer their telephones, as parole officers will be making callsthroughout the night.  Parole officers will also be making door-to-door curfew checks to allregistered sex offenders. 
(New York)