SADLY FAMILIAR TALE (Brothers say priest molested them)

Matthew Maurer, 39, and his brother Dan, 41, say they were molested by the Rev. Peter Duvelsdorf.  When Matthew was 15 years old he went into the deserted faculty lounge at St. Rose of Lima school in Massapequa to grab a soda.  Tired and thirsty after his routing of dry-mopping classrooms, he was startled by a clap on the shoulder.  He turned from the vending machine to see Duvelsdorf behind him.  Matthew no longer recalls what the middle-aged cleric said but he does remember how the friendly clap progressed to a massage and then to something he had no words for, when the priest's hand slid down his back and into his pants.  It took three or four more incidents for Matthew to find his voice and end the priest's advances and months before telling his parents.  He also learned that his old brother, Daniel, had had similar encounters with the same priest.

(New York)