November 7, 2019
Daniel Cassady

A twice-convicted sex-offender was busted for exposing himself and groping a woman on the subway — on the same day he was meant to appear in court for another subway sex crime, authorities told The Post.
Serial pervert Glenn Gordon was taken into custody on Monday after allegedly rubbing his exposed penis on a woman’s backside while riding a 4 train heading from Union Square to Brooklyn Bridge station, police said.
Gordon, 57, has two convictions for forcible touching and sex abuse, one in 2016 and one in 2018, and was scheduled to appear in Manhattan criminal court for a third offense that took place in April of this year just 40 minutes after he was arrested, police said.
Gordon has been known to haunt the 4 and 5 trains, a law-enforcement source said.
It’s not uncommon for transit pervs to keep a set hunting ground, an NYPD expert told The Post.
“A lot of these repeat offenders are creatures of habit. They work in places where they are comfortable. They may know the stations, the different exits, and which cars are best for a quick getaway,” said Transit Special Victims Squad commanding officer Sgt. Christopher O’Connell.
The Transit Special Victims Squad works in collaboration with plainclothes transit anti-crime teams to keep track of sex-crime recidivists, who are known as “frequent flyers,” and keep them out of the subways.
Plainclothes officers spotted Gordon on the platform of the Union Square 4/5/6 platform casing straphangers in search of a victim. After he assaulted the 62-year-old woman, the officers took him into custody and removed him from the train, authorities said.
“It’s very much like a chess match for Sgt. O’Connell and the cops that work for and with him,” a source in the police department told The Post, “there are multiple cast members in this show. It’s a great example of teamwork.”
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have called for a ban on repeat subway sex offenders in September after the NYPD began advocating the move.
“Enough is enough. This individual has been arrested repeatedly for sex crimes and it’s unacceptable that he be allowed to continue to prey on subway riders, putting riders and MTA employees at risk. He should be banned from the system – period,” said Andy Byford, NYC Transit President.

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