Lina Sinha, a 40 year old teacher, is accused of having a near decade long sexual relationship with her former student at an upper East Side Montessori school.  She is also charged with later putting the moves on a 12 year old boy.  The victim, now a 24 year old NYPD cop, testified in Manhattan Supreme Court, She told me not to tell anyone.  He says his first lap rub was in the school's kitchen.  It's OK; it's normal, Sinha allegedly told the boy as she massaged him through his pants.  As the months passed, the same teacher allegedly taught him to french-kiss in the school's Econoline field trip van, and gave him his first oral sex, while he was still only 13, as he sat, pants unzipped, on a little white sink in a back corner of a first floor classroom.  I thought it was, I guess I could say 'cool,' he said.  I knew if I told anyone, it would stop, and I didn't want it to stop.

Another former student is accusing Sinha of taking his virginity when he was only 12 years old.  Now 18, the student said they had intercourse six times when he was 12 and she was 34.  All of the statutory rapes were either in Sinha's bedroom or in an actual classroom, including on a kidney-shaped table in a pre-school room.   A defense lawyer said one of the two former students is a desperate liar who made up the allegations to get himself out of his own legal mess.  Sinha's attorney used e-mails between prosecutors and the mother of one accuser to argue that the accuser, who was in jail for violating parole on a drug charge, hoped his cooperation with the Manhattan district attorney's office would win him leniency.

Bond of $3.5 million for Sinha was posted by her parents on April 2.  She was convicted March 29 of sodomizing the student.  She was also found guilty of trying to bribe a second boy to get him to lie about their relationship.  Sinha faces up to 18 years in prison when she is sentenced April 19.

(New York)