SEXTRACURRICULAR PERV-TEACH CRISIS (1 in 10 schoolkids molested: study)

Experts say, one in 10 students will be sexually abused by an educator.  The problem in New York City appears to be surging, with the number of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students projected to double this year compared to last.  

10% of American students who will be molested by a teacher

11 - number of inappropriate relationships reported to city Special Schools Investigator Richard Condon in the past three months

24 - number of reports in the previous 12 months (2004)

28 - average age of a teacher offender

44% of offenders who are female

40% of victims who are male

15% of male-to-male abuse incidents

15% of victims who were special-ed students

About 9.6 percent of US students will experience some form of teacher sexual misconduct between kindergarten and 12th grade, Hofstra University Professor Carol Shakeshaft said in a July 2004 report.   Shakeshaft analyzed 225 cases of teacher sexual abuse in New York in 1994 in which all of the staffers had admitted they committed the crime.  None of the perpetrators was reported to police or school investigators, and only 1 percent lost their license to teach.  Exposing these offenders has never been a priority for the school system.

(New York)