Subway Jared’s pedo pal, wife jailed 30 years for sex crimes

Author of the article: Brad Hunter

A couple who were pals of disgraced Subway pitchman Jared Fogle has been jailed for a whopping 60 years in prison for sexually molesting young girls.

According to The Indianapolis Star, Russell Taylor, 50, and his wife Angela Baldwin preyed upon young girls aged nine to 16 and then record the sickening incidents.

Taylor pleaded guilty in 2021 to 30 counts of child pornography and sexual exploitation against nine children. Two of the children were molested by Taylor and his wife who was convicted in 2020 of child exploitation and child pornography.

After Fogle became famous for his fat pants photos and shilling for Subway, he set up a foundation and Taylor was the managing director. Court heard that it was Taylor who sent the lurid child porn images to the sandwich shop shill.

Taylor was sentenced along with Fogle in 2015 but his sentence was tossed because of ineffective legal representation. When the case was re-investigated, Baldwin was charged and convicted.

Some of the victims were relatives of the couple who will need psychological assistance for the rest of their lives.

During the trial, it was revealed that Taylor planted hidden cameras in his bathrooms. One victim revealed she is always wary when using the washroom.

Taylor and Baldwin shared their twisted cache of child pornography with Fogle. Taylor claims the pitchman was sex-obsessed and wanted to get his hands-on date rape drugs.

Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in the slammer in 2015 on child pornography charges and crossing state lines to have sex with a minor.

The twisted trio — Fogle, Taylor, and Baldwin — groomed, exploited, and sexually molested children from 2011 to 2015 in what prosecutors called a “mutual perversion.”

Taylor agreed, calling himself a “vile, selfish, self-loathing, sorry excuse” of a man.

He testified that initially, he and Fogle shared prostitutes in hotel rooms, the first time after a New England Patriots game. Taylor said four years later Fogle hinted he was into children but didn’t think the shill would act on his evil desires.

Taylor added that Fogle psychologically abused him by forcing him to eat doughnuts and pizza knowing full well he was gluten intolerant.