Floyd Medlock, then 19 years old, was physically and emotionally abused as a child.  According to, he shared his troubled mind with the enraged voice of Charlie.  Charlie told Medlock to beat, rape and murder people.  Little 7 year old Katherine Busch, unfortunately, knocked on the wrong door in February of 1990 telling him she was hungry.  She ended up in his apartment, believed forcefully.  Once she was in the apartment Charlie took over, he was angry, he wanted Medlock to kill Katherine.  After eating and sitting on the couch to watch cartoons, Charlie ordered him to grab her and drag her into the bedroom.  He choked and punched her, shoved her head in the toilet bowl trying to drown her, stabbed her in the back of the neck and in the eye with a steak knife before the knife broke.  To be sure she would die he got a hunting knife and brought it to the bathroom, he pushed the child's head down and rammed the blade into the back of her neck.  After killing her, he washed her body in the tub and attempted to molest her lifeless body.  He placed her in a large television box, took the box & her bike to a nearby dumpster.  He put her into the dumpster, leaving the bike along side of it.  Medlock pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death.  He has been on death row since March 28th, 1991.