2/3/2000 - Theodore Sypnier, a 90 year old Tonawanda man, collapsed as he wasbeing led from court after being sentenced to 10 years in prison. Sypnier pleaded guilty to chargeshe raped and sexually molested a group of young girls. He had pleaded guilty to every count in a15-count indictment, including charges of rape, sodomy and use of a child in a sexual performance.Sypnier allegedly raped and molested the girls, whose ages were between 4 and 10 at the time inBuffalo and Tonawanda, his homes in a suburb to the north of the city during the fall of 1998 andthe spring of 1999.

Theodore Sypnier, a 100 year old man, who is New York State's oldest registered sexoffender, is scheduled to move by week's end out of a Buffalo halfway house for released inmatesand into a place of his own, after completing his latest term in state prison for molesting littlegirls.  He has been called an unrepentant child molester and the personification of evil byErie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, who says Sypnier remains a threat to children. The director of the halfway house warned that the spry and active Sypnier has not changed from themanipulator who used his grandfatherly charm to snare and rape victims as young as 4. Whether he's 100 or 101 or 105, the same person that was committing these crimes 10, 25, 30 yearsago still exists today and has an unrepentant heart, said the Rev. Terry King, Director of GraceHouse, which has twice taken Sypnier in from prison.  He is someone that as we parents, asmembers of the community, any community, really need to fear.
(Buffalo, New York)