December 18, 2020
Yaron Steinbuch
NY Post

A British man dubbed “Papa Smurf” who visited schools and nurseries to show off his vast collection of the blue dolls has been exposed as a child rapist — and was slapped with a 16-year prison sentence for his vile crime, according to a report.
Robin White, 65, of Derbyshire was known for driving around in a distinctive van, claiming in 2017 to possess a collection of over 10,000 Smurfs as he embarked on a world record attempt, Derbyshire Live reported.
But under the innocent façade lay a perverted monster who preyed on a young girl and sexually abused her, officials said.
The sicko even used a sex toy on the girl, whom he raped in a shed, according to the news outlet.
Even when the victim, who is now an adult, bravely reported his heinous attack, White denied everything as he forced her to relive her nightmare at his trial.
Prosecutor Julia King described how White’s actions left the woman with “severe psychological harm.”
“She kept things to herself because she did not know who to trust. She says she is unable to trust anyone fully and that this has had an impact on every aspect of her life,” King said.

“She says she does not want to go to certain places in case she bumps into him,” she continued. “But she also says what gives her happiness is being able to look after herself and that she feels she has closed a chapter in her life now.”
A jury found White guilty of multiple counts of rape, indecent assault on a child and causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, Derbyshire Live reported.
Derby Crown Court Judge Nirmal Shant said: “As she said in her victim personal statement, everything you did has blighted her for the rest of her life.

“It has affected her personal relationships and has affected her personal and private persona,” she added. “To say you have blighted her life in every way is an understatement.”
White’s attorney Raglan Ashton said his client’s wife stands by him despite the horrific crimes.
“Mr. White knows these are very serious matters and that he is facing a significant period of custody as a result of the jury’s verdict,” Ashton said.

“He is 65 and this is his first taste of custody and it is always hard for anyone facing it for the first time. For somebody of his age it will be particularly hard,” he whined.

“He has no previous offenses of this nature and he is not one of those individuals that can be categorized as a predatory pedophile,” the attorney added.
A spokesperson for the UK’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children said: “This case is yet another harrowing example of the effect child sexual abuse can have on victims. It can ruin childhoods and the effects can last long into adulthood.

“The courage of the woman who reported White’s unforgiveable actions cannot be understated, and this sentence shows that no matter when abuse happened, pedophiles like White can still face the justice they deserve and we would encourage anyone who has experienced abuse to speak up and seek support,” the rep added.

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