BISHOP’S UNHOLY ACT (Admitted molester busted for sex with 14-year-old)

New York Post/Eric Lenkowitz, John Lehmann and Dan Mangan

Pangratios Vrionis, a 58 year old archbishop of an Orthodox church in Queens, was bustedyesterday on child sex assault charges, just weeks after The Post exposed him as a convictedmolester. He is accused of molesting a then 14 year old boy on February 1, 1999. Vrionis showed theboy, who was a student of his, a gay pornographic movie and then touched him sexually by puttinghis hand inside the boy's pants. The boy and his mother recently told The Post about the allegedassault and said they might contact police. Vrionis surrendered yesterday and was charged withthird-degree sexual assault and attempted sexual assault, for which he faces up to three months injail. In 1970, he pleaded guilty to sodomizing and corrupting the morals of two 14 year old boys inHarrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was sentenced to 23 months probation for the crimes, which occurred in1968 when he was a priest of the Greek Orthodox Church of America. That church defrocked him as apriest in 1970 because of his conviction.

(New York)