Tara McDermott, a 23 year old Bronx teacher's aide, has been charged with rape, sodomy and endangering the welfare of a child for alleged involvement with four boys.  She had an affair with a 13-year-old student and then had sex with three of his 13-year-old friends to get revenge after he broke up with her.  She started an affair with the first 13 years old in January when she took him to a movie on Super Bowl Sunday.  She was infatuated with this boy.  Soon they started having sex and in February she moved out of her parents home and into the boy's apartment with him and his family.  His parents didn't realize she was having sex with their son.  After three weeks the boy's asked her to move out because he was not comfortable with their age difference and that they should see other people but asked her not to have sex with two of his close friends.  But, in anger, she started to proposition the boys and had succeeded with one.   She took him to a motel where she gave him oral sex.  On June 8, 2001, she took two more boys to her parents' house after school and played a twisted version of a children's game called fortune teller, involving a piece of folded paper that is opened to reveal hidden messages.  She wrote various sex acts on the paper and when the boys read the messages, she performed oral sex on each of them.  Her parents said their daughter is socially immature and they charge that her accusers are fabricating stories.  McDermott will likely go to prison for a year and has until May 9 to accept a plea bargain of one count of second-degree rape in exchange for the relatively light sentence.  She faced seven years in prison.

(New York)