The 15 year old boy arrested in connection with an attempted kidnapping in Spraguehad previously been investigated a year ago for allegedly trying to lure a minor. The sheriff'soffice forwarded a report accusing the boy of luring an 11 year old boy, but the prosecutor'soffice decided not to file charges in that case. The previous incident also occurred in Sprague.Meanwhile, residents of Sprague expressed relief Thursday that an arrest has been made in theattempted kidnapping of a 22 month old toddler from a city park, which drew wide attention after itwas caught on surveillance video. The parents of the toddler expressed praise for their two olderchildren, who chased the kidnapper and screamed for help. The boy wore a disguise during theattempted abduction to mask his identity. The dramatic surveillance video footage showed a malerunning down a sidewalk with the toddler in his arms last Sunday. The child's two siblings screamedand chased him. The scene ended after two teenage boys joined the chase, and the man put thetoddler down and fled. The toddler was not hurt.

(Spokane, Washington)


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