New York Post/Jamie Schram

Wilfredo Lopez, 30, was arrested on Thursday within blocks of Fort Hamilton High School, wherehe allegedly began his sickening assault on the senses from behind the wheel of a black FordExplorer four days earlier. Police said he began trailing girls, one as young as 14, in his SUVearly Monday morning while the teens were on their way to summer school classes at the Bay Ridgeschool. The first victim said Lopez approached her at 8:30 a.m. in his vehicle and began fondlinghimself and making faces at her. She wrote down his plate number and told a police officer at theschool. Then Lopez pulled up to a 16 year old girl ninety minutes later and once again exposedhimself and made faces at her. He took off when he saw her writing down his plate number. Thegirl went to the 68th Precinct station house and reported the incident.

(New York)