CARE HOME OWNER JOHN ALLEN GUILTY OF CHILD SEX ABUSE. A former care home owner, already serving a life sentence for child sex abuse, has been found guilty of more historical offences against boys.

December 10, 2019

John Allen, who ran several Bryn Alyn community children's homes in Wrexham, was convicted of eight charges relating to five boys between 1976 and 1992.
The 78-year-old was jailed for at least 11 years in 2014 for 33 sex offences.
Mold Crown Court was told he would be sentenced for his latest convictions on 8 January.
Allen, described as a "predatory paedophile", had denied 16 charges of indecent assault, two of illegal sex acts and two of trying to carry out other illegal sex acts.
He was found guilty of seven counts of indecent assault and one of a serious sexual offence by the jury against children as young as 13 in his care.
Jurors heard an interview with a complainant, now in his 50s, who said he was dragged to Allen's office after a fight and pinned to the floor.
The next thing he remembered was his clothes being ripped off and Allen sexually assaulted him.
Allen set up the Bryn Alyn community of children's homes back in 1968 and at its height there were 11 properties housing more than a 150 young people, not just from north Wales but from around the UK.
Many found themselves subjected to repeated abuse at the hands of Allen between 1976 and 1992.
All but one of the victims in this case came forward after Allen was convicted in 2014 of 33 historical sexual abuse offences against other children who had been in his care.

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