CARRIE MCCANDLESS BACK IN JAIL IN LARIMER COUNTY (Former Brighton Charter School Teacher Accused of Second Probation Violation) Harrison

Carrie McCandless, a 35 year old Brighton teacher who made nationwide headlines four yearsago when she was convicted of having sex with a 17 year old male student on a school field trip, isback in jail.  She was arrested on an alleged probation violation.  If found guilty itwould be her second probation violation since her 2007 conviction.  She tested positive formorphine in April.  McCandless served a month in jail in 2008 for a probation violation when aprobation officer found her in bed at another parolee's apartment.  She pleaded guilty tomisdemeanor unlawful sexual contact, as well as felony counts of contributing to the delinquency ofa minor and tampering with physical evidence.  As part of her plea agreement, McCandlessagreed to intense supervised probation and must ask permission from her probation office beforehaving sexual contact with others.
(Fort Collins, Colorado)