Tony Bostic, 21, remains behind bars for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl who gave birth tothe baby then dumped it on a trash pile. DNA tests have almost confirmed that the body of an infantpulled from a burning trash heap by a dog is the rapist's baby. The 15-year-old girl concealed herpregnancy even from her own mother. She told investigators that she didn't know she was pregnantuntil she gave birth on the floor of her bathroom and that the baby was stillborn. She said thebaby wasn't breathing so she wrapped it in a bloody sheet and stuffed it in the bottom of hercloset. Two days later she dumped the body on a pile of rubbish that was about to be burned.Investigators say that one aspect of the girl's story has been confirmed, that Bostic fathered thechild. The girl told authorities that an adult friend of her brother had sexually assaulted hernine months before she gave birth. Armed with a warrant, investigators took a blood sample fromBostic and last week, when the tests came back and investigators found that it was 99.9% sure thatthe baby was his, they charged Bostic with sexual battery. He remains in the Gadsden County Jailon $150,000 bail. No charges have been filed against the teenager who remains free whileauthorities await results of the autopsy.

(Quincy, Florida)